(un)stable builds and Java upgrade

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(un)stable builds and Java upgrade

Now that Java 15 is the latest release and Java 16-ea is available, we should upgrade that on our Jenkins server[1][2] (I see somebody reduced the number of versions, we shouldn't do that!)
However, as long as we don't have our builds stable, we can't be sure if the Java upgrade has a negative effect on these builds.

I thought I'd checked it a week ago and it really looks like we have new failing projects.[3]
Please keep checking Jenkins when committing or merging to master.

AFAIK maven-source-plugin is running too fast, exposing a bug in Linux+Java8, fix is ready in plexus-archiver.
Wagon was failing on Windows due to long paths, now it is failing on Linux!?

The rest needs to be investigated.


[1] https://github.com/apache/maven-jenkins-lib/blob/master/vars/asfMavenTlpStdBuild.groovy#L36-L37

[2] https://github.com/apache/maven-jenkins-lib/blob/master/vars/asfMavenTlpPlgnBuild.groovy#L36-L37
[3] https://ci-builds.apache.org/job/Maven/job/dist-tool-plugin/job/master/site/dist-tool-master-jobs.html