the alternatives with modular-path in Surefire/Failsafe

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the alternatives with modular-path in Surefire/Failsafe

Tibor Digana
Hi Stephen,

You reported issues against Surefire and modular path. Since you also have
experiences with modular paths I would like to ask you about the CLI used
in Surefire and Failsafe.
Are you facing more needs to customize this CLI with Java modules?
Maybe you are facing more alternatives. You already described 4
alternatives in [1].
We recognize modular and classical Jars and we split them in two paths. So
we separated them properly. WDYT?
You can see the CLI if you run "mvn -X test" and the CLI is printed in
sevelar lines on the console right before the test set startup.


Regarding your requirements to select modularpath or classpath in plugin
configuration, this already exists, see