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testing pgpverify-maven-plugin

Hi Slawomir,

I just tested pgpverify-maven-plugin on maven-artifact-plugin [1].
I was successful, really nice.

From that experience, I have some questions on the keys map file:

1. is there a way to ease the creation of the file content?
currently, I had to copy paste output, check that I trusted the keys (which of course can't be automated), and then had to do a lot of modifications to match the properties file format. Would it be possible to have a default output that matches properties format, so reviewing and injecting content would be easier?

2. I also tested on a multi-module project (like maven-archetype-bundles), and I could not configure the plugin to use one single keys map for the whole build: creating 1 file per module is really cumbersome.
Did you imagine a way to share the same map file in a multi-module build?

This plugin is really nice, the hard part is about writing keys map file...



[1] https://github.com/apache/maven-artifact-plugin/commit/41df63adaf91f0c481fff9347abb2dbeb7022f5b

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