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svn commit: r422202 - /maven/maven-1/core/trunk/xdocs/using/repositories.xml

Carlos Sanchez-4
Author: carlos
Date: Sat Jul 15 04:00:15 2006
New Revision: 422202

[MAVEN-1764] Removed planetmirror that doesn't work correctly


Modified: maven/maven-1/core/trunk/xdocs/using/repositories.xml
--- maven/maven-1/core/trunk/xdocs/using/repositories.xml (original)
+++ maven/maven-1/core/trunk/xdocs/using/repositories.xml Sat Jul 15 04:00:15 2006
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@
           To override this, you need to set the property <code>maven.repo.remote</code> as follows:
-        <source>maven.repo.remote=http://anothermavenrepository/,</source>
+        <source>maven.repo.remote=http://anothermavenrepository,</source>
           You can set this in your <code>~/</code> file to globally use a certain mirror, however
           note that it is common for a project to customise the repository in their <code></code>
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
           (Future versions should allow you to use a setting of
-          <code>${maven.repo.remote},</code>, but currently this causes an infinite
+          <code>${maven.repo.remote},http://anothermavenrepository</code>, but currently this causes an infinite