svn commit: r1817323 - in /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples: creatingskins.apt templatefile.apt.vm

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svn commit: r1817323 - in /maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples: creatingskins.apt templatefile.apt.vm

Author: hboutemy
Date: Wed Dec  6 22:49:55 2017
New Revision: 1817323

fixed code locations now in git


Modified: maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/creatingskins.apt
--- maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/creatingskins.apt (original)
+++ maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/creatingskins.apt Wed Dec  6 22:49:55 2017
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ Creating Skins
     * An optional Velocity template in <<</META-INF/maven/site.vm>>> for an alternate HTML rendering of the site
     * Since Maven Site Plugin 3.5, an optional {{{/doxia/doxia-sitetools/doxia-skin-model/index.html}skin descriptor}}
-    in <<</META-INF/maven/skin.vm>>> containing meta-data about the skin
+    in <<</META-INF/maven/skin.xml>>> containing meta-data about the skin
 * Building
@@ -66,14 +66,14 @@ Creating Skins
   If you are interested in constructing your own CSS, it is recommended that
   you copy the file
-  {{{}<<<maven-theme.css>>>}}
+  {{{}<<<maven-theme.css>>>}}
   from Maven Default Skin and modify it to suit your needs.
 * Customizing the HTML Output with a Velocity Template
   The format of the Velocity template is currently out of scope for this
   document. To attempt this, start by copying
-  <<<{{{}default-site.vm}}>>>
+  <<<{{{}default-site.vm}}>>>
   to <<<src/main/resources/META-INF/maven/site.vm>>> in your project and then
   modify it to your needs.

Modified: maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/templatefile.apt.vm
--- maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/templatefile.apt.vm (original)
+++ maven/plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/site/apt/examples/templatefile.apt.vm Wed Dec  6 22:49:55 2017
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ mvn site
   If you do not want to start from scratch you can start with the
-  {{{}default template}}
+  {{{}default template}}
   that is used by the Site Plugin.
   For more information about Velocity, see