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svn commit: r1814947 - /maven/site/trunk/content/apt/run-maven/index.apt

Author: rfscholte
Date: Sat Nov 11 12:36:37 2017
New Revision: 1814947

[MNGSITE-321] Replace "clean install" with "verify" as much as possible


Modified: maven/site/trunk/content/apt/run-maven/index.apt
--- maven/site/trunk/content/apt/run-maven/index.apt (original)
+++ maven/site/trunk/content/apt/run-maven/index.apt Sat Nov 11 12:36:37 2017
@@ -31,12 +31,10 @@ Building a Project with Maven
   The vast majority of Maven-built projects can be built with the following command:
-mvn clean install
+mvn verify
-  This command tells Maven to build all the modules, and to install it in the <local repository>. The local repository
-  is created in your home directory (or alternative location that you created it), and is the location that all
-  downloaded binaries and the projects you built are stored.
+  This command tells Maven to build all the modules, and to check if all integration tests succeeded (when any was defined)
   That's it! If you look in the <<<target>>> subdirectory, you should find the build output and the final library or
   application that was being built.
@@ -84,7 +82,7 @@ for artifact:
 from the specified remote repositories:
-  central (
+  central (
   To resolve this issue, it depends on what the dependency is and why it is missing. The most common cause is because
@@ -99,3 +97,10 @@ from the specified remote repositories:
   In other cases, it may be an incorrectly declared dependency (like the typo in the example above) which the project
   would need to fix, like a compilation error.
+** Inconsistent output
+  Most plugins are optimized to know if they have to execute their task. In some cases the output can be polluted from
+  a previous build and the end result is not what you exected. In such rare situations you can call the goal <<<clean>>
+  which means: remove the output directory.
+  You can also call it as <<<mvn clean verify>>> which means: first clean up the output directory, next build the project
+  and verify the outcome.