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surefire test failure summary and format of -Dtest=

It sure would be nice if the surefire plugin -Dtest= option format
would accept the output of the surefire summary report.

For example:

[ERROR] Errors:
[ERROR]   MyClassTest.testSomething1:80->MyClassTest.testSomething1:80
ยป NullPointer

mvn test -Dtest=MyClassTest#testSomething1

It would just be nice if I could quickly double click (copy in linux)
the failing test and then paste that right into the -Dtest=, but
instead, I have do some formatting of the output before I can quickly
get the specific test going again.

Can we have -Dtest= support period (.) e.g. TheTest.testName in
addition to the hash (#) separator between class and test name? Can we
change the line number output to add a space or something like that so
that it obeys normal word break semantics?

Sorry, this is mostly a nit, but it sure would improve efficiency. Thanks!

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