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remoteRepository with wagon-scm-1.0-alpha-5 and SVN

Hey all,
I'm trying to setup to install jars to a remote SVN repository.
Everything seems to be fine except for three issues which may be
specific to Windows OS:

*${user.home} never seems to populate.
*some of the directory slashes are forward (hasn't been an issue yet
**the commit message file never gets created (this is a show-stopper as
stops the commit).

The exec command that breaks with the commit message file looks like
svn --username blahu --password blahp --non-interactive commit --file
And the file for
C:\DOCUME~1\DHARTF~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\maven-scm-697025419.commit never gets
created (was watching the dir and never happens).  When I go through the
exec commands manually but replace the commit message file with a known
file, things seem to work fine.

The build.xml looks like this (pom refid previously setup):
        <target name="install-remote-repo"
        description="Share the previously-packaged jar by installing to
the shared remote repository.">
                  <artifact:install-provider artifactId="wagon-scm"
            <authentication username="blahu" password="blahp" />
          <pom refid="pom"/>

Any ideas regarding this commit-message file, if this is truly what's
stopping progression?


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