releasing Maven parent POM 33 and sha512 plan

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releasing Maven parent POM 33 and sha512 plan


I'm ready to release Maven parent POM 33 for sha512 checksum creation: last
chance if you want another POM change in this release.

Another question is: how do we want to deploy this sha512 in download.html?
Do we let everybody update download.xml.vm when upgrading parent POM or should
I bulk add the sha512 in dist area, update download.xml.vm and modify by hand
current site download.html (like we did for md5 to sha1)?
I already did such an update, it's feasible, and this would avoid forgetting
the update if it's done by hand separately (AFAIK I only killed Jenkins when
it tried to rebuild absolutely everything in 5 minutes: I'll just add a little
pause when committing the updates to git...)



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