overwriting a read-only attribute in Checkstyle config

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overwriting a read-only attribute in Checkstyle config

Javier Gómez

we are testing a config, that overwrites a readonly attribute, in Maven
Checkstyle plugin config, to be able to analyze a set of resource
folders in project root folder.

We don't want to define this spefic folders config in POM build
<resources> block, to avoid inherit that in child POMs, so we are
forcing that at the plugin level, specifying the <resources> block

That this is a read-only attribute, and we define it in the plugin
configuration, does not imply that the compilation fails, as I would
expect. Is that correct?

Any side effect that we could expect of this configuration?

Thanks in advance.


# Directory structure layout:


# Parent POM build config



[Checkstyle config]



          # config to analyze the specific resources folders, in project
root folder