native-maven-plugin : linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions behaviour - Has it changed recently?

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native-maven-plugin : linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions behaviour - Has it changed recently?

Chetan Minajagi

Can you please let me know if the behaviour of this option linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions has been recently changed in the native-maven-plugin?

Our build script used to look like this earlier(see below) with two profiles and used to populate linkerSecondaryOutput with a particular value based on either Profile A or B.In one case it was empty/blank.

The way this used to work a few months ago was it used to always produce the dll and because of <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>lib</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>    would install corresponding artifact.lib into my local repo in the install phase.
In Profile A linkerSecondaryOutput  used to be set to pdb so <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>${linkerSecondaryOutput}</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions> used to do the samething for corresponding artifact.pdb file. For Profile B this was empty so there would be no pdb file.

Now it looks like when the >${linkerSecondaryOutput} has value it seems to overwrite the earlier <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>lib</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>       config and thus I end up only getting the pdb in the local repo in this case and not the lib (which earlier used to be installed to my local repo no matter what).

I think I know the workaround now i.e.

  1.  knockoff the static <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>lib</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>
  2.  in the profile B have ${linkerSecondaryOutput} set to just lib and in profile A have ${linkerSecondaryOutput} set to lib,pdb

I would appreciate if anyone here  can let me know if this behavior got changed recently as I can then justify these pom changes to my team. Please let me know if you have any questions so I can try explaining the issue better.
Btw, we use Maven 3 and
I don't quite remember if we have maven 2 earlier. Do you think it changed from maven 2 - maven 3.I doubt  as we have not changed the version of the native plugin being used.


                              <compilerOptions> /O2 /MT /GS </compilerOptions>
                              <linkerOptions> </linkerOptions>
                              <linkerSecondaryOutput> </linkerSecondaryOutput> <!-Empty because we don't generate the pdb in this case-- >

                              <compilerOptions> /Od /MTd /GS- </compilerOptions>
                              <linkerOptions> /DEBUG</linkerOptions>


                                    <compilerStartOption> /D JVMINFO_EXPORTS </compilerStartOption>
                              <!-- deploy the accompany .lib file as well -->
                              <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>lib</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions> <!-produce the lib file with dll always -- >
                        <linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions>${linkerSecondaryOutput}</linkerSecondaryOutputExtensions> <!-produce the pdb file depending on the maven profile in use during build -- >

                                    <linkerStartOption> /INCREMENTAL:NO /DLL   </linkerStartOption>

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