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multi module maven project

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In version 0.10 importing multi modules would show the java packages nicely, but now with the latest 0.12.1 this is not the case. The latest shows the modules as a directory structure.


  |----- submoduleA
  |----- submoduleB
  |----- submoduleA

v0.10 showed
[pkg icon] com.company_name.moduleA.submoduleA (based on the java package name)
  |-------- *.java
[pkg icon] com.company_name.moduleA.submoduleB (based on the java package name)
  |-------- *.java
[pkg icon] com.company_name.moduleB.submoduleA (based on the java package name)
  |--------- *.java

v0.12 shows
submoduleA (based on the pom.xml file)
  |--- src
         |---- main
                | -- java

Does anyone have any idea on how to get 0.12 to display like 0.10?

Using latest eclipse helios
m2e v0.12.1