[maven-remote-resources] Pull request for MRRESOURCES-102

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[maven-remote-resources] Pull request for MRRESOURCES-102

Jurrie Overgoor
Hello everyone,

Since the readme of the Maven remote resources plugin says this list is
the main channel of communication, I thought I'd post here to ask
attention to my pull request :)

https://github.com/apache/maven-remote-resources-plugin/pull/2 is
basically implementing MRRESOURCES-102: filtering of non *.vm resources

I hope someone can review my PR and comment on it or hopefully merge it.

A possible next step would be to have the filtering of *.vm files in a
Maven file filter which could be included in
maven-remote-resources-plugin. That way, filtering for both *.vm. and
non *.vm files would be done using the same framework. But that's for
next time ;)

With kind regards,


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