[maven-release-plugin] Tagging & branching at the same commit

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[maven-release-plugin] Tagging & branching at the same commit

Maarten Mulders
Hi list,

I'm using the Maven Release Plugin together with Git for version
control. I would like to achieve the following. When I create a release
on master, say version 1.5.0, I would like to have both a tag and a new
branch - starting at that tag. The branch would be there to release
fix-releases (e.g. 1.5.1, 1.5.2, etc.). On the master branch, I'd like
to see the version bumped to 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT, while on the release
branch, I''d like to see 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT.

Depicted graphically:

     1.5.0 (tag)
----*---- master (branch) --------
      \--- release-1.5 (branch) ---

Now there's the release:prepare goal (which would create the tag for me)
and there's the release:branch goal (which would create the branch for
me). After doing release:prepare, I can do release:perform and all is
well. After doing release:branch, I can't do release:perform (since that
goal doesn't create a release.properties file). Of course I can switch
to the freshly created branch and do release:prepare there - but in that
case the tag is created on the release branch and not on master.

Is there a way to create the tag and the branch point at the same



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