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maven enforcer ensure attached artifact

Jon Harper
Hi list,

I would like to use maven-enforcer-plugin to ensure that javadocs are
attached in release mode before installing. That's because I use
$ mvn package javadoc:aggregate-jar deploy
to build, so if someone forgets to call the aggregate-jar goal, the
release will be missing the javadoc.

I don't see any rule to enforce this (the closest I found is which does the
opposite, ensure that something is not attached).

Is it possible to do what I want using the standard rules ? If not,
would you consider to add new standard rules for this ?


Note: I need to use javadoc:aggregate-jar on the command line and not
part of the lifecycle because:
- I want the aggregated javadoc to be attached to the root pom
artifact, not some child "distribution"-like artifact
- I want the aggregated javadoc to be created after the submodules
have been built.

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