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[maven] branch MNG-5937 deleted (was 43bd57b)

This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rfscholte pushed a change to branch MNG-5937
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/maven.git.

     was 43bd57b  [MNG-6914] Align mvn and mvnw scripts

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 43bd57b  [MNG-6914] Align mvn and mvnw scripts
 discard 2be9e79  [MNG-5937] Adjust JenkinsFile to pick up wrapper dists Improve assembly
 discard 5372716  [MNG-5937] Optimize code for Java 8
 discard 206447c  [MNG-5937] Split wrapper jar from assemblies Remove unused cli package Reformat code
 discard 74ec3ce  [MNG-5937] Fix licenses, removed unwanted root files
 discard 7b96304  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard ad73aca  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.6
 discard d36afe5  Update for 0.5.6 release
 discard b95cd0f  Update to Maven 3.6.3
 discard c8038fe  Fix typo
 discard 330ad05  Remove trailing whitespace
 discard 753dbd0  Corrects the false Maven2 reference in the startup scripts (#121)
 discard 309d440  more details about what happens for users
 discard 4e17f19  source format only
 discard 1ecc90d  update to latest release
 discard 1b238d8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 14f2a28  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.5
 discard fa3a8b8  update for 0.5.5 release
 discard 9a27581  update to default to Maven 3.6.1
 discard e868887  update to Maven 3.6.1
 discard 9b011dc  removed wrong space in jar download URL
 discard 75a842b  update to new release
 discard 0845a5d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 81745fe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.4
 discard 79ef19b  prepped for 0.5.4 release
 discard 20b0d05  prepped for 0.5.4 release
 discard 19d6ec0  updated changelog and docs for dev to fix #78
 discard cbdf678  Updated with recent changes
 discard c331ae8  Provide a 'standardized' way to retrieve CLI arguments
 discard 7b0f0a1  Added recent changes
 discard 6b1c56e  Adapt mvnw.cmd to also honour MVNW_VERBOSE
 discard c0c06bc  Added version to default usage
 discard 0912bac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 8d8cf31  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.3
 discard 693c651  title fix
 discard 6919769  resolved
 discard 7909cf4  usage of MVNW_REPOURL for wrapper download
 discard b134c2c  Add missing required space between 'true' and ']'
 discard e14d49b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 70484be  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.2
 discard 632a38f  prep for 0.5.2 release
 discard 288a693  On Windows, use TLS 1.2
 discard 0430e23  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 79d583d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.1
 discard 5ed5358  prep for 0.5.1 release
 discard 5970567  style improvement
 discard 0664c0b  MVNW_REPOURL parsing fix for mvnw.cmd (#107)
 discard de3efc6  typo fix
 discard d33b508  Windows note
 discard a41f442  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 855c0f1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.5.0
 discard c661958  updated everything to version 0.5.0
 discard f7be876  MVN_REPOURL env var usage for Maven binary download
 discard 675146a  usage of MVNW_REPOURL for wrapper download
 discard cbe1136  add repo manager usage docs, dev doc updates
 discard 1f8ffe5  added debug flag for testing help
 discard e8eecd8  fixed test install command
 discard d784cd2  better instructions for dev and test
 discard d2fd452  added pr and issue links
 discard 4b0c602  License header cleanup (#105)
 discard 6a6514c  version update to 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT for next release
 discard 6b16186  consistent usage of MVNW_USERNAME and MVWN_PASSWORD
 discard 5a64d44  added recent merged PRs
 discard 73c7c20  remove unintended line
 discard edb64c6  use warning instead of info
 discard eaa5475  use MVNW_USER and MVNW_PASSWORD instead of system properties
 discard fe04586  add basic auth support
 discard 005b6bb  use quoted string for filepath
 discard 22d48e3  Update referenced Maven version to 3.6.0
 discard fe0a4dc  add info about using MAVEN_USER_HOME
 discard 9992b3b  added recently merged PRs
 discard b3b2998  fix wrapper path for cygwin
 discard 8a16261  fix compile path for cygwin
 discard e5c5148  On Windows, use TLS 1.2
 discard df6e2b6  updated to Maven 3.6.0, also in plugin
 discard 514a18c  Added macOS as name
 discard 5d1a701  Update README.md
 discard a943070  Download using authentication with properties
 discard 01c1137  Download maven wrapper with authentication if availble
 discard b9d4992  Removed todo comment
 discard 1c41bb3  Fixed typos
 discard 7a91fde  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard a91c1a0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.4.2
 discard 79307ae  updated to wrapper 0.4.2 in prep of new release
 discard 632e920  added wrapper version in cmd
 discard d653e0c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 7ca0075  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.4.1
 discard dc6a986  updated static files to point to 0.4.1 release
 discard 62c7be1  added changes
 discard f0e3d12  ant and commons-io upgrades
 discard 84c3227  update to Maven 3.5.4 as default
 discard a00084b  spelling fix
 discard 396a709  updated to latest parent
 discard 64f696c  added link to fixed issue
 discard 8462695  notes for next relase
 discard 195719a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 68c0bbf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.4.0
 discard d765168  added release date to changelog
 discard 38cd04a  updated to new wrapper version in default URLs
 discard 4b05da8  dev and release help
 discard 2a97073  adapted to honor the MVNW_VERBOSE flag
 discard e34b86c  added note about URL change
 discard 86dcc19  changed URL to official maven repo URL
 discard 74ca981  introduced intermediary var for path to jar since it didnt work without that in bash
 discard 10b498b  added author creds
 discard 4f7ef21  added user doc for no jar approach
 discard fd795fe  updated version
 discard 768a2a6  updated to wrapper jar 0.3.0
 discard 0e1410d  Updated to the latest maven-wrapper version.
 discard 44444f6  Updated the download url to the https version
 discard 2cc783e  Removed a hack to force the script to use curl or wget ...
 discard 56770b6  Fixed the windows version of the script
 discard d498aaa  - Made the wrapperUrl configurable from the maven-wrapper.properties file   - Updated and tested the linux/unix/mac version of the script   - Updated and tested the Java downloader   - Updated the windows cmd (but not tested yet)
 discard d43682f  - Changed the wget command to use "-O" instead of "--output-document="
 discard 9b33a4f  - Changed the curl and wget detection to the "possix way" using "command"
 discard 46700fe  - Added Apache header to the downloader java class
 discard 0084652  - Added a download extension for windows
 discard 2838c97  - Made the script use curl or wget if available and fallback to java in case none of them are. - Moved the Java source code to the filesystem.
 discard 85e0ad4  Cleaned up the code a little to not exit with 0 in case of an error.
 discard a03346e  - Added an initial version of an auto-downloader for the maven-wrapper.jar
 discard bb73235  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 3603163  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.3.0
 discard 568e53e  added chunk size change
 discard cb92cdc  added chunk size change
 discard a0d8b4d  much less verbose progress reporting since it is now a new line each
 discard 38dd859  added warning about issues found from provisio upgrade
 discard 7e7afa9  removed redundant empty element
 discard c763dd3  [pom] Update provision-maven-plugin to 0.1.50
 discard 537b90d  [pom] Update ant to 1.9.9
 discard 0d600c0  [pom] Update commons-io to 2.5
 discard 4f999bb  [pom] Update mockito-core to 2.8.47
 discard 5a97f8b  [pom] Update junit to 4.12
 discard 7c00550  [pom] Use empty relativePath
 discard ba68b18  upped version
 discard dadacf8  added recent pr merges
 discard da60718  set to new maven version
 discard 4deea49  fix to actually read the environment variable value
 discard 55f8018  respect MVNW_VERBOSE when printing diagnostic stuff
 discard ca099f9  set title of command window
 discard a779c63  wrapper file upgrade
 discard 80aeabb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 2acab42  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.2.3
 discard 52eb795  update info on wrapper
 discard fbd3ed3  Fix NPE due to missing MVNW_VERBOSE
 discard 171a2c6  updated wrapper jar
 discard 0f47704  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 73655fd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.2.2
 discard 3171862  added verbose mode activated with MVNW_VERBOSE set to true
 discard f239ae8  cleaned up version output
 discard 9c7852b  words are missing - I think this is what you mean...
 discard ba8271d  Fix typo
 discard 281880e  added changelog entry, added Takari to output
 discard 70da181  Print out maven wrapper version at every invocation
 discard 106ed28  formatting, added update via plugin
 discard 7231f1f  fixed version in changelog
 discard b014077  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 5b5df65  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.2.1
 discard 28b8747  added changelog entry for java 1.5 change and release
 discard 5666824  added doc about Java version
 discard 51c8f54  Ignore IntelliJ files
 discard 83c720e  Make artifact compatible with older Java
 discard ad9af76  improved wording on supported systems
 discard 2f77436  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 426b508  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.2.0
 discard ca773eb  solaris support changelog entry and release date
 discard f3229d4  added section about supported systems
 discard f9a3cf3  fixing issue on Solaris
 discard bd15751  upgraded parent
 discard aff1192  Use of bashisms make this script fail in minimal /bin/sh implementations like dash
 discard 58240d2  added note about dash testing
 discard 6ed0776  ammeded changelog
 discard f3ff1cc  Upgraded default Maven version to 3.5.0
 discard 6eebca5  Add .DS_Store to .gitignore
 discard 7e940ae  updated wrapper maven version to 3.5.0
 discard 87f15e7  added changelog entry about spaces fix
 discard 0660d76  support spaces in folder names on nix, simplified from https://github.com/takari/maven-wrapper/pull/25
 discard 3a51849  changelog updates
 discard 3e465d6  fix to avoid usage of stale maven wrapper jar
 discard b131136  updated wrapper maven version to 3.3.9
 discard 711b2a5  updated parent to latest release
 discard 86cd0c1  updated to 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT as version due to number of changes
 discard 54f9cb7  upgraded provisio maven plugin
 discard 2be0b9c  one more PR merge and changelog update
 discard 1e86b69  Quote paths in commands
 discard 73bf6b8  adding changelog
 discard 4b6b5bb  remove unused MAVEN_CMD_LINE_ARGS
 discard 6e6e2c1  Fix path escaping
 discard 7c68142  Be defensive about creating directories for files
 discard 57ed0c8  upped version to new snapshot since 0.1.6 is already on central
 discard 344b3ac  Use Apple-recommended strategy for locating JAVA_HOME. This works correctly with both Oracle and Apple JDKs.
 discard 8ba6387  Update release version
 discard a0b9e27  use @REM instead of # (#27)
 discard 9dd62d9  Update to release version of parent
 discard 33a081c  Remove whitespace (#22)
 discard 2badcf7  avoid using MAVEN_CMD_LINE_ARGS for invocation since that can losse parameter escaping
 discard 0fe568f  handle MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR correctly in cygwin
 discard e608501  Fix typo
 discard 3a5ed64  Use org.apache.ant
 discard d668514  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 6137d17  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.1.4
 discard 60cae51  Use working files to create wrapper jar
 discard ad5bdbb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 0dce4b7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.1.3
 discard 0214452  Use basedir location instead of "." to locate wrapper jar
 discard 309a170  Align Un*x and Windows scripts to both use MAVEN_CONFIG consistently
 discard 613fdf7  super-mega minor typo
 discard 1fd6fce  Correct name of Windows script in README
 discard c1c3b9e  Fix while loop so that basedir is detected in current dir
 discard ee39de4  Add license stanza to POM
 discard 3ab9759  Add license file
 discard 7bf889f  Remove some unused parts of the windows scripts and rename them to .cmd
 discard 6784a35  Fix typo
 discard c7af941  Add a note about using the windows script
 discard 57e4346  Fix a few typos
 discard 747742a  Update the README.md with instructions
 discard 1f9e62e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard 7a6831b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.1.2
 discard 2a6bc4a  Update properties path Whatever
 discard 1e1871b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard c14a8ac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.1.1
 discard ecef7fe  Update location for searching for the version
 discard 01608c1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
 discard a7f8543  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-wrapper-0.1.0
 discard f25875b  Use a released version of provisio
 discard 8d9719c  Use provisio packaging to produce an archive that can be deployed for use in a Maven plugin
 discard d42d2f1  Use the Maven 3.3.1 startup scripts to account for jvm.config and maven.config
 discard 12be51b  Use the now standard .mvn directory
 discard b49e43f  Update the wrapper jar
 discard 575e04a  Make sure the maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory envar is set for proper 3.3.1+ execution
 discard 0a2d057  Formatting
 discard b116562  Update to Maven 3.3.1 which resides in Maven Central
 discard 51ecc58  Update properties file to point to maven 3.2.3
 discard 7442489  correcting README formatting
 discard d77aa26  Adding simple README
 discard 17d6336  A copy of the gradle wrapper ported for use with maven Lightly touched to better mesh with current maven builds. (some of which my not have been necessary in hind sight)