maven-assembly-plugin not running during release

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maven-assembly-plugin not running during release

Brad Harper
I've configured the [2.1] maven-assembly-plugin to generate a zip file
with an execution bound to the 'package' phase [goal is 'attached'].
It's in the <build> element within a profile with <id>releasing</id>.


   % mvn release:prepare release:perform -Preleasing

does not generate a zip file.


   % mvn clean install -Preleasing

does create the zip file.

Running 'deploy' does likewise and transports the project artifacts to
the internal repo, as expected. Running without the profile activation
[i.e. without '-Preleasing'] runs the install/deploy without the zip.

The profile is defined in a project two inheritance levels above the
project being built.

Any thoughts on what might be keeping the release plugin from running
assembly in this case?


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