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[m2] [ANN] Maven2 XDoclet / AntRun plugin

Kenney Westerhof

Hi there,

I've taken a first stab at implementing an XDoclet (version 1)
plugin for Maven 2.

As a sideeffect an AntRun plugin was also created - you can add
Ant script to the POM or call build.xml files.

It only works on non-released versions of m2 - details on the site.

So if you're using bleeding edge maven2 and you want to try out these
plugins, be my guest! But beware: documentation is thin and it's just
a preliminary version, to see if it's something the community wants.
So don't expect too much!

Feedback is welcome!

Maven2 XDoclet plugin:

Maven2 AntRun plugin:

Thank's for trying it!

        Kenney Westerhof

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