'includes' param of 'reactor' tag does not handle space chars?

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'includes' param of 'reactor' tag does not handle space chars?

Michael Niemaz
Hi all,
    I came accross this bug (or feature?) while playing with the reactor.

Concretely, when 'including' several directories in the reactor tag,
space chars will prevent the reactor to compute the dirs located after
that space char:
    <maven:reactor basedir="${basedir}" includes="*/project.xml,
*/*/project.xml" ...>
    will only compute */project.xml.
Removing the space char such as:
    <maven:reactor basedir="${basedir}"
includes="*/project.xml,*/*/project.xml" ...>
would fix the problem.

This might be in the doc but I'm too lasy having a look at it ;-)

If it is the case, can we generalize it to all tag parameters?


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