fixing the list of artifacts in maven-metadata.xml

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fixing the list of artifacts in maven-metadata.xml


In Jansi, there is an issue with the list of artifacts versions: some old
artifacts published on Central are not listed in the metadata (I don't know
why/when they disappeared).
Here is the maven-metadata.xml [1] which lists versions 1.12 to 1.17
But the directory contains also versions 1.2.1to 1.11

This causes issues for people using version ranges (grrrr, I hate version
ranges for dependencies).

Then I have a stupid simple question that I don't know the answer: how to fix
the issue?
Can it be fixed during a future release by tweaking local metadata.xml?
Should it be fixed at repository manager level? (Jansi is using OSSRH) During a
release or independently of a release?
Should it be fixed by a Jira issue to Sonatype? MVNCENTRAL or OSSRH [3]?






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