enforcer's reactorModuleConvergence with BOM as module in reactor

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enforcer's reactorModuleConvergence with BOM as module in reactor

Konstantin Gribov
Hi, folks.

I have:
- some interproject parent (like org.apache:apache), let's call it
- and a multimodule project with parent/reactor as build root (
*project-parent*) which has *company-parent* as its parect with
<relativePath/> (i.e. it's from nexus repo/central etc);
- some modules in reactor (i.e. *module1*) which has *project-parent* as a
parent with <relativePath>../pom.xml</relativePath>;
- project bom in same reactor (name it *project-bom*) which has
*company-parent* as its parent with* <relativePath/>*. It has same version
as all other modules in the project.

I have no issues with maven-release-plugin in such configuration, it
updates all versions correctly.

But maven-enforcer-plugin with reactorModuleConvergence rule gives me a
warning and fails the build:
Reactor modules have parents which contain a wrong version.
--> org.example:project-bom:pom:0.6.6-SNAPSHOT

I'm curious if it's intended behavior of reactorModuleConvergence rule or


Best regards,
Konstantin Gribov