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closing old jira issues

Igor Fedorenko-3
Some of you probably noticed a little flood of jira notification emails.
I certainly did. So here is what is going on.

We had >1500 issues that had not been touched for over six months. I am
sure many of these issues were valid bug reports and good feature
requests. I also am sure some of them are not relevant any more, i.e.
they got fixed indirectly as part of the many code clean ups and
refactorings we have done or became otherwise obsolete. And,
unfortunately, I am also certain we would never have been able to
properly review this many issues in a reasonable amount of time, so we
decided it would be more honest to close all issues that had not been
touched for over a year.

This does not mean we refuse to look at these issues at all, it simply
means we need some help managing stale issues. So if I closed an issue
you believe is still relevant and important, by all means go ahead and
reopen it. Keep in mind, however, that if an issue was not touched for
over a year, chances are it won't be looked at any time soon either...
unless somebody provides a quality patch, of course, or a compelling
reason why it deserves more consideration.

Going forward, we plan to setup an automatic process to close any issues
that were not touched for a long time, likely for over six months or
maybe an year.

We will also be reviewing the remaining open issues (and any you reopen)
to make sure they are appropriatly ranked in importance.

If you have any suggestions or concerns how to do this better, I will
certainly appreciate your feedback.


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