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aspectj plugin and 1.5 report

Adam Jenkins
Hi Guys,

Just reporting back on the status on java 1.5, aspectj1.5 and the
aspectj plugin.  I did a test just switching the project.xml
dependencies to aspectrt-1.5.jar and aspectjtools-1.5.jar and
reinstalling the plugin (had to add the jars manually as I don't think
they're on ibiblio).  Everything seemed to work fine.  I've pasted my below.  If anyone wants the little 'hello world' test
harness I coded up, let me know and I'll email it through.  I'm going to
test on larger projects today, but I don't envisage any problems.  I'll
let you know if I hit any.

maven.compile.compilerargs=-Xlint:deprecation -Xlint:unchecked


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