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adding PGP support to Maven


Various people from the Maven, Ant and Repository teams have been
looking at the possibility of getting some PGP related code done for a
while. This is primiarly for signing releases - and from our end is for
use in Wagon and the artifact tasks as part of the release/deployment
process. Ant would like to make some tasks for the same.

To start with, bouncycastle will be used to do the PGP, though I think
that it was going to be left open to be able to implement it with a
different provider. JCE doesn't provide all the functionality necessary
on its own, at least to my knowledge.

Hopefully this will be more than a thin wrapper around bouncycastle, and
can take care of some of the key handling as well as generating the
signatures and possibly encryption.

We propose to do this work in jakarta-commons-sandbox, under
commons-pgp. Existing Maven developers can get commit access
immediately, if they don't already have it.

Is anyone interested in helping out? Does anyone know of any
appropriately licensed Java libraries in this realm?


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