Wrong plugin configuration is ignored

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Wrong plugin configuration is ignored

Roland Huss

as it seems, wrong or misspelled configuration options (i.e. those which
can not be set on Mojos as @Parameters because there is no parameter of
this name) are simply ignored for Maven 3.3

IMO this is a dangerous behavior as of course there _was_ some intention
from the user to put this configuration in. Simply ignoring it is much less
helpful than writing out an error (or at least a warning, but I would
prefer an error so that the user can fix it).

This is especially annoying for misspelled options as they are silently
ignored but the user thinks he did it right but wonders why the
configuration is not picked up (e.g. happened for me for <resources> vs.
<resource> used below <configuration>)

My question is: Is there a specific rationale behind the decision to ignore
configuration errors ? And is there maybe a way to turn on some sort of
'strict' mode ?

thanks ...
... roland

... roland