Wrong library.jansi.path in master 3.5.1 startup scripts

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Wrong library.jansi.path in master 3.5.1 startup scripts


The current mvn startup script sets the "library.jansi.path" system
property to "${MAVEN_HOME}/jansi-native". But instead, as said in
MNG-6186, this should be "${MAVEN_HOME}/lib/jansi-native". This also
affects the Windows script. The result is that JAnsi is creating a
jansi-native directory in Maven home and adding new so/dll files in it
for every mvn invocation. 3.5.0 is correct, this is a small in-version

Should this fix be committed to a new branch, or maybe directly to
master? I wonder if it's feasible to add an integration test that checks
that Maven home is the same before and after some build.


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