What is remoteTagging in maven-release-plugin?

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What is remoteTagging in maven-release-plugin?

Hello, I am having trouble understanding remoteTagging.

I use Maven 3.5. 4, maven-release-plugin 3.0. 0-M1 and Subversion 1.8 to build multimodule projects.
Sunbversion is a standard structure: trunk, branches, and tags.

   ├ myProject/
   │  ├ pom.xml (parent pom)
   │  :
   ├ sub1/
   │  ├ pom.xml
   │  :

I would like to tag the trunk above as tags/VERSION:.

    └ 1.0.0
         ├ myProject/
         │   :
         ├ sub1/

On myProject's pom.xml, scm.developerConnection points to trunk and remoteTagging = false.



When using maven-release-plugin, why does remoteTagging change the tagging structure?
Also, I need to be true in a single module project to get the structure I expect.

I don't understand the ramifications of remoteTagging and how it relates to developerConnection, etc.

Thank you for reading.

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