Using the scp protocol with pscp

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Using the scp protocol with pscp

Florin Ciubotaru

I am trying to deploy maven artifacts from a Windows machine using pscp.
The protocol specified in the pom is scp, while pscp is configured in
The deployment fails with the following error message:

[INFO] Error retrieving previous build number for artifact
'org.xwiki.platform.applications:xwiki-application-tag:xar': repository
metadata for: 'snapshot org.x
wiki.platform.applications:xwiki-application-tag:1.12-SNAPSHOT' could not be
retrieved from repository: due to an error: While
configuring wagon
  for '': Unable to apply wagon configuration.
Cannot find setter nor field in
org.apache.maven.wagon.providers.ssh.jsch.ScpWagon for 'scpExecutable'

Wagon version is 1.0-alpha-5.
Switching the pom to scpexe doesn't hit this issue. Is there a way to do the deployment using scp and putty tools?
Do you recommended a protocol for Windows builds?
I would appreciate if you point me to some web reference that explains the difference between the two protocols and how Wagon works with them.

Florin Ciubotaru

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