Using Maven snapshot builds (macOS & Ubuntu)

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Using Maven snapshot builds (macOS & Ubuntu)

Hi all,

Recently, we've had an issue being reported against a snapshot build of
Maven [1]. I think this kind of early feedback is very valuable,
especially since this was a scenario not covered in our regular
integration tests.

Personally, I also prefer to run Maven snapshot builds on my development
machine so I can see how things work and benefit from new features. But
keeping that local installation up-to-date is a manual task that I often
forget about.

That's why I've created a Homebrew "tap" [2] which allows users to
install the latest Maven bits. Since it's Homebrew, it only works for
macOS and Ubuntu users (as far as I know). It inspects our CI builds at
Jenkins to see what the latest version is, and lets users download their
Maven builds from there as well.

It's a work in progress so I value any feedback you have on it. Feel
free to give it a try: **brew install
mthmulders/maven-snapshot/maven-snapshot**. You can always switch back
and forth between stable and SNAPSHOT Maven:

- brew unlink maven-snapshot; brew link maven   # switches to stable
- brew unlink maven; brew link maven-snapshot   # switches to latest

I know we do not provide OS packages (such as .deb, .rpm and such). This
effort is *not* meant to change that. It's just a convenience for
myself, and I think others may benefit from it as well.




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