Using Maven JXR as base for report plugin

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Using Maven JXR as base for report plugin

Plamen Totev-2

I would like to create plugin that generates test coverage report. I
know that there are existing plugins for that, but I want the report to
include not only line coverage but also other data such as mutation
coverage (and maybe some code quality issues). Also I want to be able to
generate report only for the changed lines in the last commit. To best
of my knowledge there is no existing plugin that does that in single report.

To create such report I need to generate HTML files from the Java
sources files and annotate the lines with the data from the report.
Maven JXR is great for generating HTML files but unfortunately the class
that is responsible for generating the HTML for a single Java class
(JavaCodeTransform) is not extensible.

Do you think it would make sense to refactor it to be extensible and
make the filters plugable so the output can be customized? Or it will be
better to just create my own implementation using code from

Plamen Totev

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