Use of Doxia for mixed horizontal-vertical navigation

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Use of Doxia for mixed horizontal-vertical navigation


I have a website written using a customised version of the Maven1 site
process. See

To explain, I have horizontal navigation as a form of top-level menu, and then
each top-level option defines what vertical navigation options are added to the
side of the pages in that section. e,g  I have horizontal (top-level)
navigation options of
"General | JDO Mapping | JPA Mapping | JDO API | JPA API | REST API | Guides"

and under "General" I have vertical navigation of
"Welcome", "Whats New", ...

and if I click on "JDO Mapping" I have vertical navigation of
"Class Mapping", "Identity", ... etc

Is there some way that the same can be achieved using Doxia? (and Maven2/3).
If so, how would I configure the site.xml to do that?

Second question, the current site using Maven1 could previously use the Maven1
PDF plugin (using FOP) to generate a PDF of the docs. The docs have since
grown and gained many cross-links, causing FOP to give OutOfMemory. Does Doxia
use another process to generate PDF that may get around this problem?