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Use Java 8 in maven-integration-testing

Maarten Mulders
Hi all,

While working on a new feature in Maven, I was writing some integration
tests as well. I wanted to use Paths.get(...) and
Files.newBufferedReader(...), but then I noticed that
maven-integration-testing is (still) being built with Java 7 [1].

I understand it is important we can test older versions of Maven with
maven-integration-testing. As to my knowledge, we can do that with Java
8 just as well as with Java 7. According to [2], every 2.x or 1.x
release of Maven is end-of-life, and the earliest non-EOL version is
3.0-alpha-3, released in 2009. Java 6 was mainstream back then, and to
my knowledge, you can run any Java 6 program on Java 8 just as well. In
fact, we already run the integration tests against master on Java 8 [3].

Am I missing something obvious here? Would there be any objections to
changing maven-integration-testing so it uses Java 8 for compilation as




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