Towards more effective use of Jenkins

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Towards more effective use of Jenkins

Hervé was looking for suggestions on how we can use Jenkins more

I decided to use this as an opportunity to kill several birds with the one

I’m recording a series of live, unscripted, unedited videos developing
Jenkins plugins and Jenkinsfile shared libraries to provide a much improved
usage of Jenkins.

If you are interested, the first one is available:

This series will probably have 8-10 episodes based on approximately the
idea for where I want to get to (assuming I don’t change planned end point
as I go)

* i’m aiming for each one to be about 20min. Episode 2 is a “double
episode” as we needed to get to an MVP
* things go wrong, I think seeing how someone fixes is more informative
than seeing a perfect scripted execution.
* things can also go unexpectedly right (eg episode 3)
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