Superfluous build notifications in JIRA

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Superfluous build notifications in JIRA

Hi all,

Last Thursday and Friday, I've received well over 400 notifications from
Apache JIRA, all by the "Hudson" user (now Jenkins). They notified me of
a failed job regarding a ticket I was watching. Not only does it annoy
me, it also annoys people who reported a ticket [1].

As far as I can see, there can be two reasons why this is happening.

1. Jenkins builds old branches that still exist in ASF Git, even when
that branch is no longer relevant. I think that this a relatively small
contribution to the problem, but it's an easy one to address - by
cleaning up old branches.

2. Many long-living branches are sooner or later outdated compared to
the master branch. In order to make sure they still work as expected
with the latest changes from master, people merge the master branch into
their feature branch. This introduces many commits in that feature
branch with references to JIRA tickets that have already been resolved
and closed. Those tickets will then also receive a notification from
Jenkins when a build of that branch fails.

The second one is more of an hypothesis. I saw a lot of false build
notifications among those 400+ on JIRA tickets that are closed for a
long time. Inspecting those builds and the respective branches shows
that there are commits on those branches with the closed JIRA ticket in
their title.

What do you think? Does this line of thought make sense? If it does, we
might need to (re)consider whether we use merge or rebase for
long-living branches in order to reduce those superfluous notifications.




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