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Status of maven-scm-client

Gilles Scokart
When browsing the source of maven-scm, I found maven-scm-client.

What's its status?  What was the intention?  I thought the goal was to
have a unique command line working for any kind of providers.  But the
implemention is rather limited compared the the actual scm API, and
seemed to not have updated since a long time.

Is the project abandonned?  Was it too ambitious?  Or just useless?

I ask that because I have written a command tool similar to svn that
works for a Merant Dimension repository.  My problem is that I written
this in python.  I would like to rewritte it in java so that the
people that are currently using it could maintain it (they are java
And I'm investigating the possibility to rewritte inside the maven-scm
framework, and to use an updated version of maven-scm-client as a
command line.