Some questions about the Staging REST API

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Some questions about the Staging REST API

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I am trying to automate artifact staging and release (on OSSRH) workflow by writing custom scripts.

I came across the staging REST API which is (not so well) documented here - While the staging maven plugin works for me, I would prefer to use the API to avoid calling maven commands in sub process and parsing the stdout to collect data. I have a couple of questions about this:

First of all, is it recommended to use this API at all instead of the staging maven plugin. The reason for the doubt is that I found this link hidden in google search results and couldn't find it mentioned anywhere in the official docs or nexus-book.

Secondly, it's not clear about the behaviour of the endpoints like /staging/profiles/{profileIdKey}/drop. In case there are multiple open staging repos for a profile, which one will be dropped? all of them? Also can someone please confirm that the endpoint /staging/profiles/{profileIdKey}/finish maps to the goal rc-close and /staging/profiles/{profileIdKey}/promote to rc-release of maven plugin and the endpoint.


PS: I came here from the Sonatype JIRA tracker where I was told that REST API related questions are out of scope there -