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Single Web App from Multiple Modules... ?

Working on a large project, where multiple teams will work on a single
web application (single War), each team designing some business
module, some teams designing business layers modules, and some leaders
to watch over the coherency of the whole.

We use Eclipse, MyEclipse (for auto-deployment to local server), and
Mevenide. With Maven, how can I best structure my web modules (that
are part of a webapp) so that they are easy to develop and test by
each web module team. (each web module is similar to a Struts module,
in that there is very few things to define in each module that goes
into the web.xml).

Anyone has experience with such project cutting ?

We have thought of making one webapp per web module, but that would
mean the business layers jars would be copied over each webapp and
since we use Spring and Hibernate, that would mean that cache and
singletons exists once per webapp, which is not good at all.

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