Setup m2eclipse for the first time

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Setup m2eclipse for the first time

Jon Paynter

After getting maven to work correctly from the commandline, I grabbed the latest version of eclipse, and followed the instructions on the sonatype site to install the plugin.

but after importing my multi-module project (30 modules), I get errors on all my projects.  they all start out something like this:

org.apache.maven.lifecycle.LifecycleExecutionException: Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin:1.5:add-source (add-source) on project MyCompany_Data: Execution add-source of goal org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin:1.5:add-source failed: Plugin org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin:1.5 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Missing:
1) org.apache.maven.wagon:wagon-ssh-external:jar:1.0-alpha-6

Try downloading the file manually from the project website.

Then, install it using the command:
mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.apache.maven.wagon -DartifactId=wagon-ssh-external -Dversion=1.0-alpha-6 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file

Alternatively, if you host your own repository you can deploy the file there:
mvn deploy:deploy-file -DgroupId=org.apache.maven.wagon -DartifactId=wagon-ssh-external -Dversion=1.0-alpha-6 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file -Durl=[url] -DrepositoryId=[id]

Path to dependency:
1) org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin:maven-plugin:1.5
2) org.apache.maven:maven-core:jar:2.0.2
3) org.apache.maven.wagon:wagon-ssh-external:jar:1.0-alpha-6

<280 lines snipped>

4 required artifacts are missing.

for artifact:

from the specified remote repositories:
central (, releases=true, snapshots=false)

at org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.DefaultResolutionErrorHandler.throwErrors(
at org.apache.maven.plugin.internal.DefaultPluginDependenciesResolver.resolve(
... 19 more

How do I fix this?

using Eclipse 3.6.1, maven 3.0 and v of m2eclipse.
'build automaticly' is turned off in eclipse - so nothing has been compiled yet.
running: mvn clean install   from the command prompt works fine.
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Re: Setup m2eclipse for the first time

Jon Paynter
Anybody have any ideas on this one?