Second review for MNG-6118

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Second review for MNG-6118

Maarten Mulders-3
Hi all,

Over the last month, Martin Kanters and myself have been working to make
it possible to execute goals on a specific module while building a
multi-module project [1]. The pull request [2] enables resolving
inter-module dependencies of the whole multi-module project while
building a part of a multi-module project (by using -f or by navigating
to a subdirectory).

These changes make the following scenarios behave in a consistent way:

* mvn -pl module-a
* mvn -f module-a/pom.xml
* cd module-a && mvn

There are also integration tests [3] that demonstrate and verify this
behaviour. The changes have run through Jenkins in an earlier stage, and
are running again now that I have merged master into our feature branch.
Robert has done a first round of review and we would appreciate if
somebody else could also take a look at the proposed changes.




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