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Second MRESOLVER-123


MRESOLVER-123 [1] solves a very long standing issue in Resolver: Thread
concurrency in a single JVM while downloading artifacts/metadata. It has
been verified to work with several usecases provided by reporters. This
approach has one drawback: Since it is a global lock it introduces
somwhat of a lock contention. The slower your connection link the longer
the lock is held. Ideally, folks use repo managers in private networks
to solve this issue. Also, read/write reeentrancy seems to work fine
based on the logs provided. At the end I prefer build stability over

Please have a look and raise objects if you have any. If you don't hear
any I will merge next week and start release process of Resolver 1.5.0.

A midterm goal would be to provide a group id based locking which should
drastically reduce contention, but no promises here for an ETA. As for
the multi JVM safety, Takari local repository failed to provide a
working solution, project seems to be abandoned. I have considered to
investigate a Redisson-based approach for this. Though, this solely
depends on the community how necessary this really is.



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