[SUMMARY] [DISCUSS] Retrospective on Maven 3.5.0-alpha-1

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[SUMMARY] [DISCUSS] Retrospective on Maven 3.5.0-alpha-1

On Sat 11 Mar 2017 at 21:56, Stephen Connolly <
[hidden email]> wrote:

Hi all,

I think it is a good thing if we take stock of where we are and how we are
doing. I would really appreciate if everyone could take a few minutes to
respond with their top three of two areas:

* What is working well

Seems we have some consensus here:

* CI is working better (not perfect)

* We are discussing changes before pushing them to master

* Getting a release out the door

* What is not working well

Slightly harder to consolidate here, but there are some themes that I can

* we need a better way to work with branches. There are traceability issues
when looking at branches on the CI server. There are issues with continuous
rebasing. There are questions about what is in flight for the next release
vs what is in flight for a future release. (I suspect this is all
intermingled and I'll start a thread to debate potential solutions shortly)

* we need a better process to scope changes for different target releases.
(The chaotic process for 3.5.0 was a one time attempt to deal with the
reality of the reset, so I never expected us to repeat it... but we still
need to come up with a process to plan what will be in each release) (I'll
start a thread shortly to see if we can come up with a process to use as an
experiment for 3.5.1)

* we need to agree on some common terminology. What is a bug, what is a
rfe, what is a breaking change. What is the severity of these things. What
severity issues affect different release types (alpha, beta, etc) How are
we versioning Maven and how does severity affect versioning. (I'll start a
thread on this shortly)

* discussion threads that go on forever without coming to a conclusion. (We
just need to have to remember to post a [SUMMARY] or call a [VOTE] to close
them out... I shall lead by example here)

* ubuntu and Windows are not enough OSes to test on (the PMC needs to
decide if we want to ask for budget to get such extra nodes... otherwise
this is out of our hands... Michael-O should start a discussion to see if:
1. This is what the committers want and 2. To find out how much what we
want would cost and see about requesting off the board in our next budget)

* how do we grow our community (I think we just have to get momentum going
and the contributions will come... the project has looked dead, who's going
to contribute to a dead project... if anyone disagrees please start up a
discussion thread)

I'll consolidate the responses after 72h and see if there are any themes
that can be identified

On the stuff that is not working well, I'll try and pick the three most
popular themes, we can then have a round of discussion on those three
themes to see if anyone has any ideas to improve those aspects of how we
work and hopefully we can have some votes to change things for the better.

By the way, this is open to anyone in any way what so ever involved with
the Maven 3.5.0-alpha-1 effort (assuming you are paying attention to the
dev list ;-) )

Thanks in advance for your time,


P.S. As alpha-2 is near, I'll probably wait until after 3.5.0 before I try
this again (assuming people like this idea)

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