SHA512/256 checksum generation not support though Maven Plugins

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SHA512/256 checksum generation not support though Maven Plugins

Konrad Windszus
I am a bit confused which Maven Plugin/Module is supposed to calculate checksums.

With and the checksum calculation is now being performed in maven-artifact-transfer ( but only for MD5 and SHA1. Currently there is no way to disable that generation.

That leads to the fact that although SHA512/256 support has been added to Nexus in recently one cannot correctly create/deploy those checksums with Maven standard plugins due to and

Which Maven part should be responsible for creating those checksums in the future? Is it

a) maven-artifact-transfer or rather
b) maven-resolver ( or is it a
c) completely separate plugin?

Currently none of those options are viable though as a) does not support generating SHA256/512 yes (,  nor does maven-resolver support creating those checksum (couldn't find an issue for that though). c) cannot be used because one cannot currently prevent SHA1/MD5 from being generated even for attached checksum artifacts in (, so you always end up with default SHA1/MD5 even for SHA512/256.

As Gradle 5 already supports generating SHA512/256 checksum for artifacts uploaded to Maven repo, I think native Maven plugins should support that soon as well.
Or maybe I just missed how to do it properly? Any pointer are highly appreciated

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