SCM broken in m2eclipse since 0.12.0

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SCM broken in m2eclipse since 0.12.0

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since my update to 0.12.0 "Checkout as maven projekt" is not working any more.  It's also neccessary to install SWTbot before installing m2eclipse.

Am I missing something?? Any hints?


My versions are:

  Apache Ivy 2.2.0.final_20100923230623
  Apache IvyDE
  AspectJ Development Tools 2.1.1.e36x-release-20101020-1600
  CollabNet Merge Client 2.2.1
  Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers epp.package.jee
  Eclipse JDT Plug-in Developer Resources 3.6.1.r361_v20100714-0800-7z8XFUSFLFlmgLc5z-Bvrt8-HVkH
  Eclipse RCP SDK 3.6.0.M20100909-0800
  FindBugs Feature
  JNA Library 3.2.7
  M2Eclipse Extensions Development Support (Optional)
  Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required)
  Maven Integration for Eclipse Update Site
  Maven Integration for WTP (Optional)
  MWE 2 language SDK 1.0.1.v201008251317
  MWE 2 runtime SDK 1.0.1.v201008251113
  MWE SDK 1.0.0.v201008251122
  Oracle WebLogic Server Tools
  Project configurators for commonly used maven plugins (temporary)
  Spring IDE AOP Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE Autowire Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE Batch Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE Core (required)
  Spring IDE Integration, Flex and Web Services Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE OSGi Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE Security Extension (optional)
  Spring IDE Web Flow Extension (optional)
  Subclipse (Required) 1.6.15
  Subclipse Integration for Mylyn 3.x (Optional) 3.0.0
  Subversion Client Adapter (Required) 1.6.12
  Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter (Required) 1.6.13
  Subversion Revision Graph 1.0.9
  SVNKit Client Adapter (Not required) 1.6.12
  SVNKit Library
  SWTBot for Eclipse Testing (incubation)
  SWTBot IDE Features (incubation)
  SWTBot JUnit 4.x Headless launchers for Eclipse (incubation)
  Tycho Project Configurators
  Xtext Antlr Runtime Feature 1.0.1.v201008261834
  Xtext Antlr SDK Feature 1.0.1.v201008261834
  Xtext Antlr Source Feature 1.0.1.v201008261834
  Xtext SDK 1.0.1.v201008251220