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Review --resume feature

Maarten Mulders
Hi all,

Following up on MNG-4660 (Use of --resume-from in multi-module project
fails with missing inter-module dependencies), Martin Kanters and I have
been working to make resuming a build even easier by introducing
--resume. In fact, this is not our own idea, it has been in JIRA for
quite a few years already (MNG-5760). We've thoroughly discussed the
approach and the solution with Robert Scholte.

When a build fails and it would make sense to resume the build, Maven
would write a new file target/ and fill it with the
exact groupId:artifactId and a list of projects that can be skipped in
the resuming build. The latter is there because the failing build may
have been a parallel one, or it may have had --fail-at-end; as a result,
some modules in the build may have been built successfully.

We came up with two pull requests:

* - introduces the new switch
and the BuildResumptionManager, a new core component that is responsible
for generating and processing the aforementioned
target/ file.
* - adds two
integration test cases that verify the new feature works as expected.

Michael Osipov has already provided some feedback. Martin and I would
appreciate if someone else could also review those changes.

Thanks in advance,

Maarten Mulders

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