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Remove Artifact Commons-Lang Dependency?

Mark James

Is there any chance of removing the dependency of Artifact on Commons-Lang?
Something nine times bigger is pulled in just to reference the String utility
functions isNotEmpty, notBlank, and isNumeric.

I understand the advantages of libraries, but this comes at more of a cost in
Java because common Java libraries are less likely to be on the system than
native libraries, and so must be either specified as a dependency (that must be
downloaded and added to build and class paths), distributed with the using JAR
(requiring an installation expansion), or embedded into using JARs (defeating
the space-saving advantage). Semi-automated dependency resolution probably makes
this easier, but many such as myself aren't familiar with it.

I'd like to be able to distribute my package as a single JAR, with Artifact but
not Commons-Lang embedded. But this currently needs the following changes:

1. Replacing StringUtils.isNotEmpty in DefaultArtifact with a not-null +
positive-length test.

2. In ArtifactUtils.notBlank, replacing

        Validate.notBlank( str, message );


        for (int i=0; i < str.length(); i++) if
        (!Character.isWhitespace(str.charAt(i))) return;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(message);

    or, using Java 8 code,

        if (str.chars().allMatch(Character::isWhitespace)) throw new

and 3. Copying StringUtils.isNumeric as DefaultArtifact.isDigits.

It would be nice if Java had a directive to do such copies at build-time,
removing run-time dependencies while preventing code duplication.

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