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Release Plugin -Dproject.scm.developerConnection

Lui Baeumer
Hi developers,

I've got an issue with the release plugin as it does not recognize the parameter

My build fails with:
Missing required setting: scm connection or developerConnection must
be specified.

It works if I add an scm tag to the pom.xml, but I would prefer to
pass the scm connection via commandline as describes here:

The reason is that we have got a central build pipeline which builds
100+ applications. After migrating to the (great) release plugin
mechanism, we have to add the scm tag to all application pom.xml
files. Therefore I would like to pass the parameter from outside via
-D option.

If you confirm that this is an issue I would have a look at the code
and might provide a patch.

Best regards,


P.S. full output attached

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