Regression in model interpolation coming from using JSR-330?

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Regression in model interpolation coming from using JSR-330?

Gabriel Belingueres-2

I just built maven core from source and found that it was using
StringSearchModelInterpolator instead of StringVisitorModelInterpolator, a
regression from the last 3.6.2 release.

I found that in maven-model-builder/META-INF/sisu/javax.injected.Named
file, both interpolators are listed but in reverse order (comparing it with
the same file in 3.6.2), that is StringSearchModelInterpolator appear first
in the file and StringVisitorModelInterpolator second.

(I believe the dependency injection picks up the first one it finds with
the right type.)

Deleting the @Named annotation from StringSearchModelInterpolator solved
the issue, as this make the entry disappear from the javax.injected.Named
file. Then the dependency injection uses the StringVisitorModelInterpolator.

Can anyone confirm this issue?
And if so, how to best prevent in the future that this type of dependency
injection regressions from happening?

Kind regards,