References don't work in Eclipse Juno SR2 & Kepler

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References don't work in Eclipse Juno SR2 & Kepler

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Following up References doesn't work in eclipse (and often Ocurrence matching doesn't either, but that's probably not related). The error dialog I get is:

  Problems opening an editor

  test-classes does not exist

I've learned from stackoverflow that this can be caused by not importing the project as a Maven project from SVN. But when I try to do this using the subclipse m2e connector, I get another error:

  An internal error occurred during: "Importing Maven projects".
  Version null of project facet wls.ejb does not exist.
  Result of converting legacy maven projects
  Converted com.<company-brand>-4.2.27-SNAPSHOT
  Converted com.<company-brand>-4.2.10-SNAPSHOT
  Converted com.<company-brand>-ejbClient-4.2.10-SNAPSHOT
  Converted com.<company-brand>-ejb-4.2.27-SNAPSHOT
  Failed to convert com.<company-brand>-4.2.27-SNAPSHOT
Any guidance is much appreciated as I'm finding Eclipse difficult to use without these features.

Thanks & regards,