Reduce verbose for mvn versions:set - help needed

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Reduce verbose for mvn versions:set - help needed

Anesh Kurian
Hello Team,

I am new to the mailing list, and apologies if this is not the right forum
for discussion.

I have created a pipeline for automation of Maven build. But the log file
size is exceeding 10Mb and I am unable to display the same efficiently over
Chrome.IE browsers. (FireFox browser is not supported in our Organization)

When I reviewed the logs, I could see there was many log entries for mvn
versions:set command. Lot of INFO Downloading and mainhread entries are
getting recorded in the logs.

*mvn versions:set --batch-mode -s ${SETTINGSPATH}

I was trying to find any options for *mvn versions:set *command  to reduce
verbose of logs generated. I referred below link and used options --quite
and --batch-mode to reduce verbose of logs, but still many INFO and
mainheard log entries are getting recorded.

I would appreciate if you can share any details on how I can
reduce/eliminate the downloading, INFO and mainheard entries from the logs.

Much appreciated.
Best Regards