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Re: (un)stable builds and Java upgrade

Martin Kanters
Maarten and I took a look at the failing projects today and have restored
the matrix of JDKs and Maven versions in the Jenkins pipelines. Windows
hosts apparently do not have JDK 16 installed. I've added a comment in
INFRA-20576 [1].

"maven-wagon" was failing because of recent changes to the Jenkins pipeline
and after fixing that they are green again [2].
"maven-common-artifact-filters" started working again after a re-run [3]. I
hope it's not flaky, but rather hope that the recent Jenkinsfile changes
have fixed the issue.
"maven-source-plugin" is indeed waiting on a new release of plexus-archiver.



Op vr 2 okt. 2020 om 13:44 schreef Robert Scholte <[hidden email]>:

> Now that Java 15 is the latest release and Java 16-ea is available, we
> should upgrade that on our Jenkins server[1][2] (I see somebody reduced the
> number of versions, we shouldn't do that!)
> However, as long as we don't have our builds stable, we can't be sure if
> the Java upgrade has a negative effect on these builds.
> I thought I'd checked it a week ago and it really looks like we have new
> failing projects.[3]
> Please keep checking Jenkins when committing or merging to master.
> AFAIK maven-source-plugin is running too fast, exposing a bug in
> Linux+Java8, fix is ready in plexus-archiver.
> Wagon was failing on Windows due to long paths, now it is failing on
> Linux!?
> The rest needs to be investigated.
> thanks,
> Robert
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]